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S.C. ELECTROSERVICE RB SRL Bucureşti is a 100% private shares capital company proactively doing  activities in power generation field, established in 1994 by a group of highly skilled specialists stemmed from the former industry leader in power generation manufacturing units, Inteprinderea de Maşini Grele Bucureşti (I.M.G.B. a.k.a. Bucureşti Heavy Machine Works).

The company is specialized in erection, installation, overhaul and retrofit of power equipment such as  steam, hydraulic and gas turbines, pumps, electrical motors, generators and transformers, technical advisory in power generation related issues.

When doing works of both mechanical and electrical erection and restrofit, higly qualified specialists are always involved (more than 40 employees on a permanent basis, part of them are for long time now General Electric – USA certified to perform a wide array of works in the power generation equipment line) ensuring  the right and expected level of quality standards according to the applicable manufacturing documents and technical specifications, observant the  SR ISO 9001:2008 regulation.

At the same time, the company owns a large manufacturing and production building provided with an overhead crane and properly endowed for perfoming all the works in its scope (e.g. dynamic balancing machine, lathe machine, milling machine, boring machine, ovens for drying and curing coils, electric plates for coil polymerisation, grinding machines and lots of measuring devices and gauges for  control,and electrical probes). Inside the production main building of S.C. ELECTRO-SERVICE RB S.R.L. specialized personnel work on various spare parts for power equipment, repair jobs on electrical motors up to 4 MW output, fixing associated rotors for electrical generators up to 50 MW rating, re-blading steam turbine rotors up to 50 MW.

S.C. ELECTRO-SERVICE RB S.R.L. Bucuresti performed repair jobs, upgrading, retrofit and overhaul of machines and units in various industries such as: energy, matallurgy, machine builders and food industry.

A major mainstay of the S.C. ELECTRO-SERVICE RB S.R.L. activity represents the erection from the ground up of brand new technological units up to turn key, both in power equipment industry and other miscellaneous industrial branches.


Power Generation Equipment:

–      Full overhaul of two 105 MW each power units, in CET SUD Bucuresti (TPP) – Contractor: Alstom Power

–      Full overhaul and upgrading of three 170 MW each hydro power units in CHE Lotru – Ciunget (HPP) , Contractor: VOITH Hydro.

–      Full retrofit of  DSL 50 MW units in CET Brasov (TPP), CET Bacau (TPP), Termoficare 2000 Pitesti (Urban Heating), SCUT Giurgiu

–      Erection and commissioning of 20 small output hydro electrical units along the various waterways throughout Romania.

–      Erection works in Gissi, Italy, of two 380 MW each cogeneration Alstom power units, with a single shaft line, under ALSTOM supervisory.

Food Industry:

–      Retrofitting jobs on AKSR type 6 MW turbine generator unit at Corabia Sugar Factory and Ganz 1.4 MW and 1. 8 MW generators at Bod Sugar Factory

–      Erection and commissioning of Wine and Distillery Unit in Drǎgǎşani, the equipment was imported and shipped from Italy.

Metallurgical Industry:

–    Overhaul jobs on turbo blowers and turbofans and electrical motors in  Arcelor – Mittal Steel Mill, Galaţi City

ELECTRO-SERVICE RB SRL is currently SRAC certified (Romanian Society for Quality Enforcement -SRAC) and performs under Occupational Health, Work Safety and Environmentally  Friendly Policy, Registration #.243/3/ 14.05.2009 according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 si OHSAS 18001:2007.


SC Electro-Service RB SRL
strada Turnu Măgurele, nr. 15, sector 4, București.